Saturday, July 3, 2010


I'm hopeless when it comes to formatting decisions. With the many options now available, this may not be the end of major layout changes. I really like the weathered wood or the quirky quilt, but both seemed pretty disingenuous - too rural and crafty, a far cry from my current life and from the tone of these posts. Then I chose the books without titles, but it's a bit busy (and eerie... I mean, what's in those books?). So wall-paper it is... for now.

Can anyone tell me how to centre my title image?


  1. --You have to tweak the template code (HTML), Miss A.F.--usually the margins for the headers are set to auto, but depends on template. Or download another template (some have borders, so pic has to be sized to fit the border). There's stuff on Google.

    --having been partially enlightened by some of your notes on Nietzsche, I now know why many in Christendom--say, the hepcats of Faith and Theology or the Kotzko gang--approve of Nietzsche the par-tay animal.


  2. I miss the Altona Curling Club. Remember that time when we went to a show there and Mike Braun was trying to push the idea that cats should be vegetarians too? Good stuff.


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