Sunday, July 4, 2010

I have googled "procrastination"

The last post on Hyperbole and a Half documents the writer's inability to manage responsibilities. It hit a nerve, particularly the following bit:
Then the guilt from my ignored responsibilities grows so large that merely carrying it around with me feels like a huge responsibility. It takes up a sizable portion of my capacity, leaving me almost completely useless for anything other than consuming nachos and surfing the internet like an attention-deficient squirrel on PCP.
She hasn't written a single post since.


  1. Maybe that will deter me from procrastinating on my blog...
    On a somewhat lighter note, CMU press just published a new book that I think you'll like. See the promotion at:

    Besides, you need to read something other than Nietzsche.

    Maybe you can even persuade Jonathan Dyck to give you a discount. :)

  2. Well, in remarkable thematic continuity, had I not procrastinated, I would have been in that book! Chris asked me to make an essay out of my thesis (on Graham Ward, Gilles Deleuze, and the body of Christ) but it didn't get off the ground.

  3. What?! How could you possibly procrastinate on an offer like that?! What oh what I would give to be a mere footnote...
    I would actually be interested in reading your thesis as it is if you wouldn't mind sending it my way.

  4. That's too bad about the chapter. I was just sent a review copy of that book today for Canadian Mennonite.
    Ward and Deleuze eh?
    I thought Christ and Culture was just a wonderful example of philosophical reading of biblical texts. Just dipping my toes into D&G now. I would also be interested in reading at least some reflections on your thesis if not the text itself. Did you post on it at all?

    Oh, and regarding the above post, as a pastor I have to offer my concern over your drinking alone with Nietzsche. Be sure to be accompanied by Irigaray or Butler next time in case he gets handsy (imagine JD from Scrubs here)!

  5. Hmmm, was my last comment insulting? For some reason I couldn't shake a handsy Nietzsche from my mind (probably should have left him there!). Hopefully no insult taken.

    My word verification for this comment was 'yeread' . . . awesome.

    - dcld

  6. Hegel was Nietzsche's bastard vati whether N would admit it or not, tho' at one point doesn't Nietzsche says something like...the Hegelian-historical approach has been under attack from chandala of various sorts. Tho' the authentic Hegel had little to do with the PoMo...or seminary version (Spengler understood both Hegel and Nietzsche pretty well, unlike Guru Heidegger, or...the nazis, who Spengler finally repudiated..unlike Hei).

  7. Dcld, I think I may feel less safe with Butler and Irigaray in the room! And you would have to try much harder to insult me. :)
    On another note, your blog provides few clues as to your identity, and I assume I must at least know you by name. Aside from waiting for the review in the Mennonite, how can I discover who you are?
    As regards the Ward/Deleuze piece, it was an undergraduate thesis and should really never see the light of day (sorry Melanie). In fact, I'm rather relieved I don't have to see a version of it in print, despite the addition to my CV. But perhaps after I finish *this* thesis I can revisit some of my previous explorations on the blog. Glad to have readers!

  8. I could have added aka IndieFaith. I have set out on a new blogging venture and I have been tentative at this point with identity. It looks like I will be making a shift to pastoring at a church in Winnipeg (finding out this Sunday). In any event I plan on reflecting particular aspects of 'church life' and so I was not sure I wanted a following that actually knew me. But I suspect I need to bite the bullet and just own up to posting things that I am okay with anybody reading . . . even the bums in my pews!

  9. Though to be honest I am curious which year you graduated from Miller (assuming you did not attend MCI . . . or did you!) . . . mine was turbulent post-Cobain suicide years of the class of 96.

  10. Well, my identity is no secret, but I don't believe we actually know each other. I graduated from Miller in 2001. Grew up in and am a member of AMC.

  11. Hmmm, I applied for the position at AMC but it looks like they went for a local shuffle going with a guy from the bergie mc . . . I never stood a chance.
    In any event it was good to run across your work. I appreciate your conversation partners as well as your advisor. You also have a very good writing style.
    I had a short doctoral stint at Mac. I started at the divinity college and then planned to move to the university to work with Travis but life had other plans. I did get to sit in on chunk of his Paul and philosophy seminar.
    I remember when I first read his research interests. In my mind I simply kept going yes, yes, yes . . .
    All the best.

    - Dave


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