Monday, June 14, 2010

Unexpected approval

An und Fur Sich, winner of the best blog tagline award (“You cannot fuck the future, sir — the future fucks you.”), is a vibrant theological community of sorts, dominated by the sharp tongue (figuratively speaking) of writer/scholar Adam Kotsko. I have recently enjoyed his commentary on Red Toryism and look forward to skimming his new book on awkwardness. He is notoriously severe in his response to blog commenters (although I must say, said blog commenters say a hell of a lot of idiotic things) and is my intellectual superior by... well... I'm not sure I have sufficient measuring tape. So you can understand how much it pleases me that when I recently commented on one of his posts, he not only took me seriously but actually quoted what I had written and wrote back "This is really great".

I have a rather modest scale for measuring accomplishments.

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  1. Kotzko's just another hustler, hardly any more "leftist" than the average Hillary Clinton supporter. Which is to say, his list of actual accomplishments is...too short to bother with. His reading of Zizek's influences--like Hegel-- was incredibly superficial, even laughable (and I suspect yll get some messages, ie lies now from the little mafiosi of AUFS).

    A great title for blog! Pious, even.


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